Joining Etherus

How will your story begin?

A beam of light pierces the heavens as you materialise into existence. You look around, noticing the barren cliffs and buildings lost to the ages - and who could miss that gigantic tree?

You curiously wander about the lost settlement, unbeknownst that your adventure has already begun.

The screenshots in the background is taken from the server!

It's from our custom-generated world of



From ranks to claim guides, from the economy to crates - we got you covered! Scroll down to learn more about the various ways you can enjoy our server and make your experience better!


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In addition to all kinds of minigames, meme channels and screenshots players share on our Discord channel - it is also where we post most of our updates and information! With our custom bots, frequent updates and responsive staff, we guarantee you a great time!

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The ranks is the main progression system in Etherus - you buy ranks with money that you earn in-game, and you gain special perks for each rank you unlock. There are 21 ranks in total - each one more expensive than the last. Think you can get them all?



Ever had a not-so-pleasant encounter with griefers and raiders? Protect your builds with claims! It's an easy system - you have a set amount of claimblocks that you earn throughout your playtime, and with it you can claim land on which only you, and those you trust, can build on. Ready to begin your next big build project?



Money is important - in real life and on Etherus! They are used as both as a currency for exchange, and also for buying ranks and other cool stuff. We provide a multitude of ways to earn money on Etherus, either through Jobs, setting up your own businesses with chest shops, selling things on the Auction House and more! Begin your tycoon lifestyle today!


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