claiming land

claims are basically plots of land where only you, and those you /trust, are able to build in.

TIP: Try /claimtools!

To claim land, you can do so in two ways - either by using the /claim command, or by using a Golden Shovel. To remove a claim, simply do /unclaim while standing in it.

To claim with a golden shovel, simply right-click the two corners of a rectangle - and your claim will be created.

Claims are outlined with gold blocks and glowstone, and will show up automatically once you create the claim. To make them appear again, right-click the ground with a stick.

Your claim can be expanded - by either using the command /expandclaim, or by right-clicking the corner of a claim with a Golden Shovel and then resizing it.

trusting someone can be done in many ways - allowing them to build, to access containers, to open doors or even to manage permission too.

When you trust someone to your claim, you are essentially giving them permission to alter your claim. You can do so by running a trust command while standing in your claim.

Below are the various ways you can trust someone to your claim:

  • /trust [player] - the player can build

  • /containertrust [player] - the player can access containers

  • /accesstrust [player] - the player can use doors/buttons/levers

  • /permissiontrust [player] - the player can manage trust

If you no longer want certain players trusted, you can simply /untrust them. That will remove all their permissions in your claim.

towns can also be made within a large claim, with the help of subdivisions.

Subdivisions are basically claims within claims - and are outlined by iron blocks and wool.


These "mini-claims" have a separate trust system from your main claim, which gives other players access to specific parts of your claim. This can be very helpful for running towns or shops!

To set up subdivisions, run the command /subdivideclaims while holding a Golden Shovel, then make a claim normally within your existing "master" claim. Once the subdivision is created, you should be able to trust people to them by standing within them and running the trust commands.

To remove a subdivision, simply stand within them and do /unclaim - this will only remove the subdivision, not the entire claim.

claimflags are special flags that you can add to your claims.

Claimflags allow players to make their claims unique - such as having an enter/exit message, disallowing mob spawns within the claim, removing ice/snow form etc. To set a claim flag, simply do /claimflag [flag name] while standing within your claim. To unset the flag, do /unsetclaimflag [flag name].

Below are the various flags that you can work with from the start:

  • NoEnterPlayer [player] - blocks a certain player from entering your claim

  • ExitMessage [message] - sends a message to players leaving your claim

  • EnterMessage [message] - sends a message to players entering your claim

Below are the various flags that you can earn from ranks:

  • NoIceForm - prevents ice from forming within your claim

  • NoSnowForm - prevents snow from forming within your claim

  • PlayerWeather - allows you to set the weather within your claim

  • HealthRegen - enables health regeneration within your claim

  • NoHunger - prevents loss of hunger within your claim

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