On Etherus, money is one of the most important assets that you can have. It is used to buy things from players, buy from the server shop, rank up, rent market plots and help you earn more money! However, it is worth noting that the money used on Etherus is not represented by any item you can collect in game - nor does it have any value outside the server.

To check how much money you have, you can do /bal at any time. Every player starts with $100 - spend it wisely!

If you would like to pay someone, either to buy items off them or to pay for services, do /pay [username] [amount]!

There are plenty of ways that one can earn money in the server -  you can either earn money from other players, or directly from the server itself. Let me explain!

player-run economy

On Etherus, we have made our economy with a player focus in mind - that is, players are able to trade, sell and do business with each other.

auction house

The Auction House is a globally accessible shop house, where items one player wants to sell can be viewed by other players across the map.


You can check the Auction House at any time using /ahand sell to it using /ah sell [price].

Chest shops

Chest shops are shops that you can stock up, and players can buy from by right-clicking the sign.

To set up a chest shop, place a sign on a chest as shown above with the format:


The Market is a shopping area that can be accessed through /spawn, or through /market.


This is where players can rent official server plots to build their own shops and sell items!

player warps

Player warps are public teleport points that anyone can go to - so it is a great way to increase foot traffic if you're rolling in cash and want to set up your own shop!

To open up the warp menu, simply do /warp!

server-side economy

Other than the player-focused methods we mentioned above, players can also earn money directly from the server.


Jobs is a plugin that pays players for specific actions depending on their job.


For example, a Woodcutter would be paid for cutting wood - and a Fisherman would be paid for fishing. This is a great way to passively earn money throughout your survival experience.

There are currenly six jobs available on Etherus - and you can join up to three of them as you rank up!

To join a job, simply run the command: /jobs join.

server shop

The server shop is great in two ways - if you can't be bothered to collect a specific resource, you can buy it straight from the shop.

On the other hand, the shop can also serve as a source of income! Simply sell all your junk items to the shop for some side cash.

To access the shop, do /shop!

useful commands

  • /bal - Check your balance.

  • /pay [player] [amount] - Pay another player.

  • /trade [player] - Request to trade with a player.

  • /ah - Open the Auction House.

  • /ah sell [amount] - Sell to the Auction House.

  • /market - Teleport to the market.

  • /warp - Check out player warps.

  • /jobs join - Join a job.

  • /shop - Open up the server shop.

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