server rules

Rules; without them, we are naught but animals.

- Socrates

We aim to create an environment where everyone can relax in - a safe and fun environment that younger players can enjoy, and also a tolerant one where adults can feel free to be themselves.

Be Respectful.

Etherus is a place where everyone has a right to be themselves, to enjoy themselves and to hang out. Everyone has a different idea of what this is, so the keyword here is to be respectful of each other. Basically, avoid being a jerk - and don't behave in a way that makes others feel unwelcome/uncomfortable.

In a nutshell:

  • No direct insults, even as a joke.

  • Sensitive topics are allowed, but keep the discussions civil and respectful.

  • Cussing is allowed, but keep it reasonable.

  • No spamming! This includes gibberish, repeating words and sentences, as well as character spam.


Respectfulness can apply to more than just verbal interactions - it applies to claiming too. Unless you have their permission, you are not allowed to claim within 150 blocks of another player's claim border.


If you come across an unclaimed build, respect the time and effort put into it. Damaging the build in any way, or raiding its chests, is not allowed.


It is all to easy to kill someone while they're fresh off a /back. This is not allowed, as it will be counted as griefing another player.

Play fair.

Cheating to win isn't much fun for anyone, it ruins both progression and the economy.

Please don't ruin the fun for others!

In a nutshell:

  • No hacked clients and any form of auto-clickers.

  • Do not exploit any plugin-side bugs/glitches.

  • Do not abuse vanilla glitches for an unfair advantage (e.g. Duplication)

Modifications that do not give an unfair advantage such as Optifine, Shaders, Minimaps and GUI mods (that don't show you anything you can't see) are all allowed.

Misc. Rules.

English Only

Speaking other languages in public chat is prohibited as we are unable to moderate them. We will advise you to move your conversation into party/private messages instead.

No Advertising

We understand a creators' passion for their own work, but please do not leech off others' hard work! Although you are allowed to casually discuss other servers, you may not promote your own content nor the IP's of other servers or realms in public chat - you are allowed, however, to send them in private messages should they be requested.

Respect Staff Decisions

We make sure we do everything we can to make things fair for you and other players - but we are not perfect. If you did not agree with a staff member's decision, please do not inflame the issue but instead take it up with a higher member of staff. You may also appeal against a decision if you didn't agree with it!

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